About the company

The company Teatro Necessario was founded in 2001 in Colorno (Parma). It brings together artists with a versatile profile, characterized by different formative experiences in theatre, music and contemporary circus, united by a common poetic purpose. The distinctive traits of its production are the radical unhinging of the confines between theatre and circus disciplines, the choice of a narration which is subtle and impalpable at times, in balance between word and gesture, between drama and poetry, built around changing scenographies, in which spaces and objects interact with the actors in an unpredictable way. Heterogeneous shows which are not only staged in the most important International street theatre festivals, but also in comedy and contemporary theatre seasons. Often they are programmed in children’s theatre too. The company has received numerous awards in Italy and abroad, both in circus and theatre fields.Since 2006 Teatro Necessario has also been working in the creation, organization and artistic direction of street theatre festivals.


  • Eolo Award 2011 – Italian theatre critics’ award to Teatro Necessario’s whole production
  • Audience award, International “Wandertheaterfestival”, Radebeul (Germany) 2010
  • ‘Luigi Sicuranza’ Prize – II ed, ‘XIV meeting degli artisti di strada’ – San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO) 2009
  • Vincitore di Torotela – Regione Piemonte prize for the Valorization of Street Theatre, 2008
  • First prize – jouth and childhood jury- ‘XIV Encuentro Internacional de Artistas Callejeros’, Aguilar de Campoo, Spain 2008
  • Winner of ‘Sul filo del Circo’, Internacional Festival of Contemporary Circus, Grugliasco (TO) 2007
  • Winner of Milano Clown Festival, Milan 2006
  • Winner of Festival Arts de Carrer, La Mercè, Barcelona, Spain 2005
  • Winner of the 12^ Cabaret Emergente Festival and Originality Prize – Carlino d’Oro, Teatro Storchi,
    Modena 2005
  • Winner of the prize Otello Sarzi – Nuove figure del teatro 2004 at the 15th International Theatre Festival – I Teatri del Mondo, Porto S. Elpidio (MC)